Self-esteem refers to how we value ourselves. Do you think you are worthy of happiness? Worthy of love? Do you understand you are fundamentally good, even though you may have made some mistakes or bad choices?

While it’s normal to feel some guilt and maybe even self-doubt when we make bad choices, questioning our worth too much can lead to more severe issues. Self-esteem issues become a problem when we start doubting our ability to live a normal, healthy life or doubting our worth as a human being.

Every person is worthy of a fulfilling life and loving themselves. When we’re bullied (by our internal voices or other people), working through challenges, or even working through a traumatic experience, our self-esteem can take a hit. We may doubt our abilities or our worth in a way that makes it difficult to accomplish basic tasks and take care of ourselves.

Self-esteem issues are common and most people struggle with them at some point in their life. Fortunately, the tactics to combat low self-esteem are just as common and easy to incorporate into our daily routine. Talking about our self-doubts with a trusted confidant can help us better understand where they stem from. Changing our thought patterns with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is also a proven treatment option.

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