Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States (ADAA, 2022). Many people often write off their anxiety as ‘just stress’ and suffer in silence. Some see anxiety as a weakness and prefer to tough it out while others may ignore the problem all together.

Anxiety is different from stress in that it is crippling. Some life situations call for stress and worry as a means of helping our minds and bodies prepare for scenarios requiring more mental and physical energy. However, when this worry produces negative effects and inhibits our ability to function in a healthy way, we classify it as anxiety.

Feeling significant worry for any reason is exhausting, both mentally and physically. Anybody who has experienced anxiety can attest to its debilitating effects. Whether momentary or constant, anxiety can be a tough challenge to face and feel overwhelming without the right tools. Sometimes, we may only feel anxiety in certain situations, as with social anxiety or test anxiety.

Fortunately, there are multiple effective ways to treat anxiety. Behavioral and mindfulness-based treatment methods are well researched, show great success, and can be easy to incorporate into any lifestyle. You can read more about one method, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, by clicking the link.

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