Body image refers to the mental picture people have of what they look like. Some people may have an accurate image of themselves in their head, while others may even see themselves in a grandiose way (think narcissist). However, the majority of people in American society tend to err on the side of seeing themselves in a more negative light due to the idealized standards we see in media.

Now, it’s completely normal to feel uncomfortable about strangers seeing you with bed head or feel some anxiety about the fresh pimple right in the middle of your forehead. Body image becomes an issue when it starts to affect your daily life. Some people avoid social situations due to their insecurities, and poor body image can even lead to a person altering their physical appearance in drastic, unhealthy ways.  

Poor body image is connected with a host of other mental health issues including poor self-esteem, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and more. These types of dysfunction form a negative feedback loop and create more dysfunction without treatment. Utilizing new habits and coping strategies to combat negative thinking patterns about our bodies can help.

Treatment methods for poor body image include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness, changes in environmental stimuli, intuitive eating, and healthy exercise. Breaking the cycle of seeing ourselves in a negative light can be a challenge, but it is totally possible.

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